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Switching | Development | Professional Services

Switching | Development | Professional Services

EFT Corp operates a full suite of hosted services to satisfy the demands of customers needing quick-to-market or off-premises solutions. The hosted services comprise Postilion systems and complementary EFT Corp products and services, enabling us to rapidly deliver impressive turnkey solutions. Our flagship hosted services include the following:

Direct Inject

A convenient bulk payment solution for B2B and B2P allowing your customers supply chain and payroll processing with instant bulk processing of payments.

USSD Banking Services

Enabling the delivery of mobile banking services to users without access to Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G or smartphones using tried and tested Mobile USSD technology.


Rapid addition of an e-Commerce channel to your merchant services portfolio with quick and simple integrations for merchants’ e-Commerce sites and access to a catalogue of issuers with certification services.

WhatsApp Banking

A modern mobile banking solution providing menu drive and natural language interaction between the user and their bank through the ubiquitous WhatsApp application.


Electronic Voucher warehousing and distribution through any hosted POS, MPOS and iPOS channels for almost any type of voucher.