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Switching | Development | Professional Services

EFT Corporation’s strength is bolstered by a choice of leading international product sets, skilled and resourceful technical staff, and bespoke customisations. EFT Corporation ceaselessly strives to innovate to meet growing and changing market demands and challenges.

EFT Innovation

Solution Architecture

EFT Corporation provides solutions architecture reviews and services to develop and execute payment roadmaps and achieve optimal system and product design. Our highly skilled team will assist in re-imagining, strategising and implementing architectural innovations and designs.

Bespoke Customisations

In addition to the packaged solutions, EFT Corporation offers customised EFT solutions to meet your specific needs not available through standard packaged solutions. EFT Corporation has in-house development skills in Java, Visual Basic, C, RDMS and Internet Technologies. We can therefore address every aspect of our clients’ EFT requirement within the same Project Scope. Examples of custom developments include specialised scheme cards, mobile operator integrations and add-ons, data extraction and various interfaces with third-party products.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

EFT Corp offers USSD Banking services which allows mobile phone users real time interaction with a remote application using their devices. A predefined session is initiated once a user transfers information. EFT Corp can offer you a predefined USSD Channel or develop one according to your specifications.

Direct Inject

EFT Corporation’s Direct Inject solution securely and seamlessly facilitates bulk transaction processing, direct payments, salary debits or credits and bulk deposits.

QR Codes

QR Codes A quick response code displayed on any device for high-speed processing.