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Switching | Development | Professional Services

EFT Corporation uses innovative technology, industry leading software and hardware to effectively reduce costs and complexity for clients.

EFT Corporation uses innovative technology, industry leading software and hardware to effectively reduce costs and complexity for clients.



EFT Corporation is a distribution, implementation, customisation, and Reseller of the Postilion product. We are one of two accredited partners authorised to provide bespoke configuration services to Postilion clients in Africa. Postilion delivers consumer transactions at every level of an EFT network and can be used by a variety of organisations in the industry. Postilion software provides the choice of on premise or hosted services for payment processing, card and merchant management, online banking, and mobile banking. In addition, Postilion drives payments through ATMS, POS terminals, mobile phones, and Internet access points. The omni channel experience provides consistent cross-channel branding and integration, consolidated management information, integrated card management, EMV enablement and support for loyalty programmes.

Postilion Retail Payment Solutions (RPS)

Postilion Retail Payment Solutions will drive your business’ technical and digital evolution through easy integration and transaction orchestration, using ACI’s Universal Payments Framework and API Manager. The solution strategy consolidates the functionality blocks as a single cohesive set of services provided by the same underlying hardware/software stack. The solution includes several choices of deployment such as implementing your own data centres in the Cloud or a hybrid environment.

Proactive Risk Manager (PRM)

Proactive Risk Manager circumvents fraudulent activity, identity theft and account takeovers in the increasingly volatile cybercrime environment. PRM monitors account activity across all business platforms and enables users to timeously identify fraudulent activity to minimise losses and reduce risks to mission critical and confidential business and customer transactions and data.


Signiflow is an effective workflow creation tool that enables all approvals and e-signing scenarios. Signiflow’s fully encrypted, user-friendly features are effective for both internal and external documentation.


Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

HSMs ensure a safe and encrypted environment. Therefore, EFT Corporation partnered with the top HSM distributors in the industry to safeguard the security of end-user data and clients from fraud and technology related vulnerabilities. In addition, EFT Corporation can migrate your current HSM to a new one whilst offering onsite or remote support.


Stratus products are uniquely designed, tested, and optimised to provide the highest levels of performance of mission critical applications with continuous uptime of top serviceability, and ease of management to ensure vital data on ftServer Series systems. EFT Corporation focuses on reselling ftServers as part of a Postilion Solution.

Ancillary Devices

Point-of-Sale Devices (POS)

EFT Corporation is the VIP Partner in Africa for a leading international supplier and provides POS devices. We specialise in application development, terminal support services and repairs. providing a comprehensive range of card payment terminals, smart card readers, secure pin pads and printers for transaction delivery. Software enhancements are offered using bespoke applications written for terminals and the EFT support desk can respond to clients’ requests in a timely manner.