We offer end-to-end hosted solutions for seamless electronic payments and POS solutions in a certified and secure environment.We understand that protecting our client’s network and sensitive data is critical to their business success. Therefore, EFT Services is gaining PCI DSS compliance for our POS systems, online shopping carts and wireless access routers, all in accordance with the PCI Security Standards Council.

  • POS Acquiring
  • Multi-Lane integrated POS
  • Hosted Card Issuance
  • Terminal Management
  • Secure Key Loading via PCI Trusted Centre
  • Terminal Repair Centre
  • Fraud (Proactive Risk Manager)
  • Support Services
  • PCI Certification
  • Hardware/ Terminal repair centre
  • Secure key injection facility
  • POS acquiring and application development
  • Electronic voucher dispensing solution

Hosted Solutions for Financial Institutions & Retailers

Real time access, Terminal Management, Secure Key Loading via PCI Trusted Centre, Terminal Repair Centre

EMV (Contact & Contactless) Certification

For Mastercard, Visa, Dinners Club, and more

PCI Certification

Regulatory requirement & industry standard (PCI DSS) compliance safeguards our customers against risk, theft & fraud

Merchant & Agency POS

Teller & Agency POS Application solutions running on an array of different devices.

Helpdesk and monitoring

24/7 helpdesk support and real-time monitoring solutions

iPOS integration

Range of merchant Store Retail apps for seamless payments at Merchant Till points using a range of cards