EFT Corporation Ltd. is a special purpose enterprise committed to providing state of the art Electronic Funds Technology solutions, consultancy, project management, implementation and development services through its exceptional base of experience and skill, to the African Financial and Retail Markets.

EFT in a nutshell

  • 18 years
  • +60 Customers
  • 14 locations in Africa

Our background:

The company was first started in 1999 as a division of Loita Transaction Services, an investment services company focused on Africa.EFT Corporation Ltd. was the creation of Steve Enderby, who managed to evolve the initial switching business to a fully functioning separate entity that dominate the payments landscape today.  EFTCorporation Limited is now the only payment service provider in Africa that can claim an end-to-end payment solution from POS services to mobile banking.  This privilege has only been realised in the last 18 years after exponential growth from the company’s humble beginnings.

Our future:

Most recent movements include the establishment of the EFT services department in Zimbabwe that function as a separate division, focussed solely on 24/7 customer service.  Additionally, the latest EFT Corp South African branch, now employs some of Africa’s most advanced Engineers and solutions architects in the payment industry.

As a modern day thought leader in the finance world, EFT Corporation, headquartered in Mauritius with its regional offices across Africa, is dominating the payments landscape and still growing every day.